In 1983, Liz launched work in corporate branding, marketing and development for start-ups to Fortune 500 firms. But her love of people, diversity and story- telling inspired her to shift from corporate branding, to fully focus on photography, uncovering what is unique in individuals.

Studio work became full-time in 2014, focusing on the art of the headshot. Her work capturing unique moments for actors, artists and models stimulated her “passion for fashion” and Liz J Models was born.
The full circle of marketing, branding, photography and story-telling is the essence of Liz J Models, dedicated to developing and promoting the unique brand that is within her models and talent.

As an artist first, Liz’s approach to photography, business and agency work captures the balance in life, work and relationships. But above all, there is real fun, laughter and of course, moments.


A talent agency uniting the wildly talented to markets matched in a world of colours. Our purpose is to connect unique and daring talent to global markets that need us.

To potential talent

We are an accepting, inclusive agency where you can plot and launch. Committed to the limitless possibility of our talent, and a vision without boundaries — Liz J Models offers a culture of energy, professionalism, integrity, and agency camaraderie.

To potential clients

We are a diverse, fresh, reliable, prepared — and fiercely talented group, both deep and wide.